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We are a small group with a big vision:

A healed and empowered humanity with an inspired vision for the future on a healthy planet.

Healing and Hypnotherapy, art and music are our means to get closer to our goal, and every step in the right direction is a victory! Because we put healing and universal well-being first, we do energy healing services for donations, instead of having a fixed price. Prices for other services are fixed, but we can make discounts for people in big need.

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Personal Healing Process

What is a Personal Healing Process? Personal Healing Process is a series of hypnotherapies and energy healings, exercises and emotional processing where I guide you to do work on yourself. You will discover your subconscious beliefs and patterns, emotions, habits and reactions.  Healing always means to release all what is not really ours, and never […]

Eagle Boy – New Spiritual Children Book Published!

Uniqorn Pegazuss can proudly announce the publishing of a brand new spiritual book for children: Eagle Boy! Eagle Boy lives in all of us. He is the one who after a difficult life journey realizes that all what truly matters can be found in our hearts.This short story is about a Native American boy who is to become a man. For this he needs to climb up the Great Mountain to find his insight about his mission in life. There he learns to follow his heart, even if it sometimes can be scary.

How To Release Your Fears And Reclaim Your Life!

by Albin Marklund – If you wonder what you can do to make this world a brighter place, a good start would be to release your fears! Fear is the main reason why we have the same stressful situations, whatever they might be, recurring to us again and again. It creates the need for control, and the illusion of having it. Fear is the reason for power struggles, self-denial, jealousy and war. The feeling of fear can even be someone else’s fear that we have energetically absorbed and believe is ours! Fear is almost always an echo of something painful that happened in the past, creating a belief in us of what is real in the moment, recreating the same kind of fearful situations for the future. It’s a sense of separation of some kind; from our parents, environment, ourselves or the world. But separation is in the big picture nothing but an impossible illusion, and so is fear. It is not real, and it certainly does not belong to us.

Fairy Art (for sale!) 2

There will be more updates coming on this website, as we are getting everything in order! I hope you will love these fairy inspired paintings! They are all available in various formats and sizes!