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Here you can find the healing and therapy services offered by Uniqorn Pegazuss, based in Cornwall, UK. Please click on the button ‘What we offer’ to read more about our services!

Our goal is to constantly contribute to a healthy and empowered humanity with our work: Healing, hypnotherapy, healing art, emotional healing and much more.

Prices for our services are fixed, but we can make discounts for people in need.

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Chakra healing Meditation

Here is our latest meditation:

The First Chakra – How To Open It and Connect With Earth and Yourself

The chakras are an ancient metaphysical system originating from India. According to this system we all have seven main chakras and several minor ones. The amount of chakras that are active and available for us increases with our spiritual development. If we consciously work on our main seven chakras, we simultaneously clear and activate the […]