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Here you can find the healing and therapy services offered by Uniqorn Pegazuss, based in Cornwall, UK. Please click on the button ‘What we offer’ to read more about our services!

Our goal is to constantly contribute to a healthy and empowered humanity with our work: Healing, hypnotherapy, art therapy, emotional healing and much more.

Prices for our services are fixed, but we can make discounts for people in need.

Beside our healing work we are also artists and musicians, so we are publishing here also posts about art, music and clothing.

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Psychological astrology

Our astrological natal chart is an amazing tool to get a clear picture of all our issues and challenges we deal with in life. With psychological astrology we focus on solutions, finding the ways how to heal the issues and overcome challenges in our life. I use it (on request) for my clients to make […]

Dealing with depression

Depression is a difficult, draining state of mind and dealing with it is not easy. When you lose your will to try to do something, to even want it, you can end up in a grey land where nothing seems possible. But – it only seems so. While overcoming depression isn’t quick or easy, it’s […]

Overcoming anxiety, panic attacks and stress

Do you suffer from anxiety? Are you over stressed? Do you feel trapped in your feelings and emotions? There can be several reasons for anxiety. The first one is definitely unprocessed, unhealed traumas from childhood or later. Whenever we suppress emotions which we aren’t able to deal with, they go in our subconscious and silently […]