What is Hypnotherapy, really?

Many people still think that hypnotherapy is something like they saw in the movies. Far from that. What you saw in the movies, is a stage hypnosis which is not therapeutic at all, and I don’t appreciate the fact that it is used on people in the way it is. So, forget that image about […]

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Eagle Boy – New Spiritual Children Book Published!

Uniqorn Pegazuss can proudly announce the publishing of a brand new spiritual book for children: Eagle Boy! Eagle Boy lives in all of us. He is the one who after a difficult life journey realizes that all what truly matters can be found in our hearts.This short story is about a Native American boy who is to become a man. For this he needs to climb up the Great Mountain to find his insight about his mission in life. There he learns to follow his heart, even if it sometimes can be scary.