Chakra healing and opening process

I work with Chakras very practically and I see them as representing different areas of life. I believe that healing must happen on four levels: physically, energetically, emotionally and psychologically. If we work only on one level, the change will not happen easily. So for me work with chakras is far away from only energy work.

In our chakras we are holding hurts, patterns, habits, emotional ties etc. In our legs and lower chakras we are keeping traumas from our childhood and if we don’t heal them, many things in our body can’t work properly. Any reoccuring problem and pain tell us that we need to go back in time to heal those hurts. I have made program from first to third Chakra, as these three chakras are where we tend to hold the most emotional blocks. To work with them is different than work with thre upper chakras.

The first six weeks would be based on the first chakra, the Root Chakra, in order to clear energy blocks between us and our parents, find the cause of our problems in our childhood and by releasing them achieving inner safety and connection with our own body. In these session we sould also set some life goals and make a plan to achieve them. Beside our sessions there are also some general homeworks, like: changing your home into a place you really want to live in, taking more time for exercising, walking in the nature, listening to your body and possibly a  change of diet.

When First Chakra is strong, all other Chakras can build up and heal. The next six weeks period we would be working with Second, Sakral Chakra, healing hurts and blocks about relationships, wake up creativity and achieve self-acceptance, love and emotional balance. It is work about forgiving and accepting others and self. The goal here would be to remember how to admire life again, just like we did when we were children, appreciate small things and wake up creativity in any way (singing, painting, dancing, creating anything what makes you happy)

Third set of sessions would be based on Third, Solar Chakra, so we would work on our will and self-confidence, personal boundaries and achieving the goals we set at the first Chakra. At third Chakra we realease distruptive emotional ties and focus on waking up personal power, will, energy and self-awareness.

After this our ‘Chakra Healing Process’ would finish. However, if a client wants to work on the upper chakras, we can have another set of six sessions for each chakra. It is really up to the client, how much of it she/he wants and needs. There will still be things to clear from your past in the upper Chakras, but much less than in the lower ones. The purpose is to bring the energy upwards and open the upper Chakras and atune with yourself. I call this the

‘Chakra Opening Process’

Here we won’t need six sessions, but about 2 or 3 for each Chakra.

4th Chakra: opening to the state of love and connection,

5th Chakra: attuning with vibration of earth and opening to communicate your truth and self expression,

6th Chakra: opening your intuition and clairvoyance,

7th Chakra: Finding your inner Silence. Connecting to universe and your ultimate purpose.

Price: Online: £50 per session (£45 per session if paid all 6 sessions together)

In person: £55 per session (£50 per session if paid all 6 sessions together)

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