Healing art sessions

In the Healing Art sessions, you learn to understand yourself and your emotions through the creative process. By expressing yourself on the paper, it is easier to map out feelings and underlying themes about your life situation. The methods used in the workshop are inspired from, or taken directly from the methods used in conventional art therapies.

You don’t need any particular painting skills; you will do it for yourself alone. Then together with our practitioner you go through the deeper meaning of what you just created.

Healing Art is very well suited for children, as painting usually is completely natural part of a child’s self-expression. Healing Art can become an essential part of the child’s path to understand his or her emotions and inner world.

Healing art session can be done in person, in groups with both grownups and children and online (Skype, Video call).

Price: Online: £15

In person: £30

Groups: £10

Call: 07498527611

or email me: [email protected]